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何嘉怡同學修讀應用學習「甜品及咖啡店營運」課 (Patisserie and Café Operations),學習有甜品及咖啡店的特、食、店運作、食衛生知識等,認識何謂理想的業及顧

何光亮修讀應用學習「酒店服務營運」課 (Hospitality Services in Practice),學習酒業三個主要範的基知識,包前台、酒客房部及餐的營運。他以實踐的模學習,並到酒交流,了優質服的重要性。


Applied Learning Scholarship


Applied Learning (ApL) courses help our students to explore their career aspirations and orientation for lifelong learning. It also emphasizes practice and theory in broad professional and vocational fields.

Learning about the characteristics of desserts and café, food production, store operations and food hygiene through the ApL course "Patisserie and Café Operations", Ho Ka Yi from S6C understood the ideals of running a business with good customer services. Ho Kwong Leong Luciano from S6C also took an ApL course "Hospitality Services in Practice" to learn the importance of quality service and fundamentals of the hospitality industry, including front desk, room service and food and beverage operations through a hands-on learning mode and hotel exchanges.

With their dedication in the ApL courses, both of them were awarded the Applied Learning Scholarship from Law’s Charitable Foundation and Education Bureau for their positive learning attitude and outstanding performance.

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本學年,可譽共有18位同學獲得嘉許,得獎者包括S2C吳寶慈、S2C宋梓聰、S2C詹莉彤、S2D張煒燁、S3A鄭芷嫣、S3A何循浩、S3C李雨情、S3D HAROON SUMMAYAS4A阮鴻樟、S4C陳雅婷、S4C黃安妮、S4D黃安翹、S5A黃聖斯、S5C黃嘉浚、S5D黃金龍、S6A黃燕虹、S6B洪祖澤及S6C徐民杰。他們在學業或品德方面、在班上有最佳進步表現而獲獎。


Youth Arch Student Improvement Award

The Youth Arch Student Improvement Award is organized by the Youth Arch Foundation with full support from Lion & Globe Educational Foundation. The award which is highly acclaimed by the education sector in Hong Kong recognizes students’ perseverance, motivation and courage to improve in character, service and academics. Demonstrating progress in overcoming difficulties, building self-confidence and developing personal potentials, a total of 18 students from Ho Yu were awarded the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award. The awardees include S2C Ng Po Chi, S2C Song Zi Cong, S2C Zhan Lee Tung Connie, S2D Zhang Wai Ip, S3A Cheng Tsz Yin, S3A Ho Chun Ho, S3C Lee Yu Ching, S3D Haroon Summaya, S4A Yuen Hung Cheung, S4C Chan Nga Ting, S4C Wong On Ni, S4D Wong On Kiu, S5A Wong Shing Sze, S5C Wong Ka Tsun, S5D Wong Kam Lung, S6A Wong Yin Hung, S6B Hung Cho Chak and S6C Tsui Man Kit. We congratulate again the above students for their amazing performance in classes.
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