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Our school is a government-aided school situated in the new town of Tung Chung on Lantau island, NT. In September, 2003, our school moved from its original site in Fu Tung Estate to the new site on Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung. Ho Yu Primary school came into service in the same year, educating local students in a holistic ‘through- train’ mode.

In September, 2006, our school had forty-one classes – two classes each from P.1 to P.4, three classes each in P.5 and P.6; five S1 classes, four S3 and S4 classes, five S5 classes and two classes each for S6 and S7. Both primary school and secondary school are whole-day schools. Activity-based teaching is adopted in P.1 to P.3 classes to let students study in a relaxed and fun-filled environment. Our ‘through-train’ mode allows our primary students to feed into our Secondary One classes automatically.

 2 Our school campus, taking up an area of 120,000 sq.ft., is located in a quiet environment adjacent to the waterfront. It is fully equipped and furnished with two 7-storey buildings housing 60 standard-size classrooms, 6 counseling teaching rooms, 5 science laboratories, 3 music/dance rooms, 2 visual art rooms, 6 MMLC and computer rooms, 1 Combination Library, Digital Library and Reading Room, Math Room, Humanities Room, Geography Room and Home Economics Room each. For the development of students’ diverse capacity, there are the large School Hall, auditorium, in-door long-jump field, abseiling wall, green garden, greenhouse, butterfly garden, roof-top garden, to meet the educational needs of the 21st century.
 3 To develop the ‘through-train’ mode of education, our school has made modifications in planning of school buildings, administration, curriculum design and extra-curricular activities. The schools were established with one registration, governed by one IMC and one financial and administration system and students taught by one teaching staff. Teachers teach subjects on the basis of their university majors, interest and abilities. We design our curriculum according to students’ developmental characteristics and degree of maturity, to make their learning more effective.
 4 Our school has been laying great emphasis on the development of school-based curriculums, which include Drama, Humanities, History and Culture, Moral Education and Computer Science and Information Technology. Biotechnology is being introduced into school-based modules in Biology and General Knowledge at both primary and secondary levels.
5 To meet the needs of the rapid advancement of Information Technology, our school provides optic-fibre network facilities which enable students to surf the Internet at hyper speed, giving them an advantage in learning.
6 In collaboration with Hong Kong Biology Education Resource Centre, our school operates a multi-million-dollar Biotechnology Classroom which is equipped with university-standard equipment and staffed by professionals. The Biotechnology Classroom is a big step in turning Hong Kong into an international centre of biotechnology education and research. The classroom started its service on 22 April, 2004. It has provided a choice of training courses and seminars for principals and Biology teachers from schools in Hong Kong. It also hosted diversified Biotechnology Education activities for our students and students territory-wide, playing its part in promoting biotechnology education.
7 Our school promotes co-curriculum activities to train students to make good use of their free time, keep physically fit and develop leadership. To promote life-wide learning and open students’ eyes, we organize cultural exchange programmes that send students overseas and to Mainland China on field trips and invite students to visit our school.
9 Our school places emphasis on school-based management. We formed our IMC in the end of August, 2005, and registered with the first batch of IMC’s. With the involvement of the whole teaching staff in our preparation of the school development plan, we have aligned our school development blueprint closely with student needs, the education reform and curriculum reform. We also spared no effort in developing our culture of self-assessment by promoting classroom observation and sharing of teaching experience among teachers. To enhance effectiveness in teaching and professionalism, we encourage teachers to attend courses.
8 In the future, we are looking forward to shaping and developing our 'through-train' mode of education, for better coherence in administration, curriculum design and administration of extra curricular activities. In this way, our students will be able to make the most of their study and development in learning and use of talents.
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