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鑑於教育局已宣佈20/11(星期三)復課,所有學生明天(星期三)均需回校上課。小六及中六考試將繼續進行 (家長可參考昨天更新的考試時間表(1118),其他年級同學則按正常時間表上課。

1. 取消小一至小五、中一至中五之統測,改以平日之功課和小測作為評估之依據。
2. 取消22/11舉行之中四級學生心肺復甦及急救訓練計劃。
3. 本星期(19/11至23/11)所有課後聯課活動、功課輔導班及周末才藝班亦會取消。
4. 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會已取消19/11至27/11所有的比賽項目 (已更新)。



Dear Parents,

According to the announcement made by Education Bureau, schools will resume classes on 20 November, 2019. All students should go to school tomorrow. Primary 6 and Secondary 6 students will be taking their exams (please refer to the revised timetables released on 18 November), while students of other levels will resume classes as normal according to their timetable.

Special test/activity arrangements:
1. Primary 1-5 tests and Secondary 1-5 tests will be cancelled. The test marks will be replaced by and based on students’ performance in continuous assessments including their daily assignments and quizzes.
2. The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training Programme for Secondary 4 students scheduled on 22 November will be cancelled.
3. All after-school co-curricular activities, remedial classes and Weekend Talent Classes scheduled on 18-23 November will be cancelled.
4. All sessions of Speech Festival scheduled on 19 – 27 November 2019 will be cancelled. (updated)

Thank you for your attention.

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            在上學年,高中許立邦、葉善權和王承韜同學於「WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition 2018-19」成為了勝出隊伍,與其他勝出隊伍(來自聖保祿學校、聖士提反書院、瑪利曼中學)一同前往英國,參觀劍橋大學,體驗大學課程,更進一步了解當地科研的發展。


            三位同學了解到AI在英國的應用情況。在英國,人們把AI應用在日常生活,例如種植。這一切的體驗,讓可譽同學大開眼界,明白到要對AI有更進一步的認識,必須下更多的功夫。參加「WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition 2018-19」,章老師和三位同學懷著對科研的熱誠,埋頭苦幹作研究,希望在科學的海洋探索。及後的英國之旅,讓老師和同學體會到科學海洋的廣闊,相信他們會繼續以堅毅的心,認真進行科學研究。


A team of Ho Yu students, namely Hui Lap Pong, Wong Shing To and Yip Sin Kuen honorably won WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition 2018-19 and was entitled to a weeklong all-expenses paid trip to England this summer together with the other two winning teams from St. Paul's Convent School and St. Stephen's College, respectively. Accompanied by their coach teacher, Mr. Cheung King Hang, they experienced college life at the University of Cambridge and explored the local development of science research.

During the trip, our team was granted a golden opportunity to visit the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and renowned universities in the world with a history dating back more than 800 years. They paid a visit to the Department of Engineering and were invited to meet the professors and PhD students of Cambridge and have dinner together. ( It was such an unforgettable night! Besides, in order to make further improvements on their winning machine, the three students modified their plan on the design and sought for professional advice from the professors and PhD students. They had a deeper understanding of AI development after receiving detailed and professional explanation on the relationship between mechanics and applications.

The trip definitely inspired the participants by further exposing them to the field of science development. Our team did not just have their knowledge about how science shapes the life of the local community, but also learned that AI is widely used in different industries such as farming in England. Through the competition and the trip, they have realized that perseverance and a lot more hard work is undoubtedly necessary to further explore AI applications. Passionate in science research and experiments, they are determined to experience the wonder of science by strengthening their knowledge, meeting the challenges and contributing towards the scientific and technological world in the future.



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