敬啟者:下學期之考試已完成,學校將於2019628()2019711()期間,為同學安排種類多元化的試後活動。711()則舉行聯校畢業典禮,學生需按另通告所列之時間回校。試後活動期間之上課時間為早上八時三十分,放學時間則為下午十二時十五分。為了配合活動的性質,各同學需於以下有* 號的日子穿着整齊運動校服回校參與活動,其餘日子則需穿着整齊校服回校:





21 June 2019

Dear Parents of P6

Re: Arrangements for the Post-examination Activities &

End-of-Year Ceremony (P6)

The second term examinations are over, and various kinds of post-exam activities have been arranged for students from 28 June (Friday) to 11 July 2019 (Thursday). The  Sik  Sik Yuen Joint-Primary School Graduation Ceremony will be held on 11 July (Thursday); students are required to go to school following the time shown in a separate circular. During the period of post-examination activities, school will start at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 12:15 p.m. Students are required to wear P.E. uniform to school for the activities held on the dates marked with* as shown below. On the other days, students are required to wear school uniform.


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