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服務他人 關愛由心



The arrival of a baby is a joyful event that is marked in Chinese culture by a number of different customs and rituals. A month after confinement, mother and child are presented to friends and relatives with a full moon celebration. This celebration is held to celebrate that the baby has survived the first month of their life, which means that they are more likely to survive into adulthood.

Following this custom, P.1 Full Moon Celebration is held every year to celebrate our P.1 students’ first month of joyful school life at Ho Yu and it symbolizes the sustainable survival of them. More importantly, it provides a chance for them to show gratitude to their parents, teachers and fellow students for loving and caring for them.

This year, we were delighted to see the presence of more than 100 parents who came to witness the grow th of their children at Ho Yu. They enjoyed listening to the sharing by the class teachers (P.1), parent (P.2) and fellow students (P.2 and P.4). Also, they gave a big round of applause after watching the P.1 students’ performances. Before taking a large group photo, each child was presented a small gift and a greeting card prepared by their class teachers. No wonder everyone brought the warmth and happiness home.



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