敬啟者:為了在孩子成長過程中給予全面的發展,本校學生支援組特意舉辦以下家長講座。分別以輔導角度分辨四種管教類型的利弊,配合[6A 教育法]以提升家長對管教方式的認知和親子溝通技巧;駐校言語治療師亦會指導如何在家使用言語訓練方法以提升學童的表達能力。歡迎各家長踴躍參加,講座詳情如下:



9 November 2018

Dear Parents of P1 to P6

Re: Talk for Parents Organized by the Student Support Team

Our Student Support Team has organized the following talk for parents for the whole-person development of students. The talk will identify the pros and cons of four parenting styles from the perspective of guidance and counselling. This aims to raise parents’ awareness of various parenting styles and enhance parent-child communication skills, adopting the “Six A's of Positive Parenting”. Our school-based speech therapist will advise parents on how to enhance children’s expression ability by means of speech training at home. You are cordially invited to attend the talk. Details are shown below:-


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