9 November 2018

Dear Parents

Re: Mobile Phones & Smart Watches

Our P1 to S6 students are not allowed to bring smart watches to school to avoid causing disruptions to their school life. However, our S1 to S6 students are allowed to bring mobile phones to school for emergency use. Students and parents should ensure the mobile phones are switched off while at school. In addition, students are not allowed to conduct phone conversations or transmit messages in any form using the mobile phone; neither are they allowed to show their mobile phones on campus. The School will conduct random checks of students’ mobile phones from time to time to see if they are switched off. Breaches of the above-mentioned rules will be handled according to the school rules, and the students concerned will be deprived of the right of bringing their mobile phones to school. Students should keep their mobile phones in a safe place; students and their parents are responsible for loss of or any damage to the mobile phones. The School will review these measures on a regular basis and will consider discontinuing these measures if deemed necessary.


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