在成中會面對不同的問,例朋輩相處、學習壓力及家等,但學能找到解或合適的渲泄途,而家長在這方面又可以如幫助子女 ?故此本校與聖公會東涌綜合辦《幫子女表和處》講,希家長一些方去協子女處,詳如下︰




19 October 2018

Dear Parents

Re: Parents’ Talk

onHelping your child build self-expression skills and manage their emotions

Students are faced with different problems during their growth and development; for example, getting along with peers, pressure of learning and family problems. Students may not be able to find the solutions to their problems or suitable outlets for relieving their pressure. How can parents help their children in these areas? Our school will hold a Parents’ Talk on Helping your child build self-expression skills and manage their emotionsin collaboration with the SKH Tung Chung Integrated Services. This aims to show parents some of the ways of helping their children manage their emotions. Details are as follows:



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