有關上學期測驗周事宜 (中一至中三)

敬啟者:由二零一年十一月十六日(星期)至二零一年十一月二十日(星期二),本校將舉行上學期測驗。上課時間照常為早上八時三十分,放學時間為下午三時四十五分。於十一月十二日(星期) 至十一月十九日(星期)期間,學校將暫停所有課外活動。隨函謹附上測驗周時間表以供參閱。



19 October 2018
Dear Parents of S1 to S3

Re:  First Term Test (S1 to S3)

The First Term Test will be held from 16 November 2018 (Friday) to 20 November 2018 (Tuesday).  Students should arrive at school before 8:30 a.m. as usual while the dismissal time is 3:45 p.m.  From 12 November (Monday) to 19 November (Monday), all extra-curricular activities will be temporarily suspended.  Please refer to the attached Test Week Timetable for details.


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