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根據教育局指引,小六學生亦可選擇放棄升讀本校中一,並透過「中學學位分配」辦法而獲得其他中學學位,惟這項決定將不可撤回由於學位數目有限,本校將不會預留學位予已選擇放棄升讀本校的學生,敬希垂注。現特函查詢有關 貴子弟升中安排之意願:



19 October 2018

Dear Parents of P6

Re: Secondary One Admission (Primary 6)

We are pleased to inform you that your child will be directly admitted to our Secondary One without screening in the next school year under our School’s “Through-Train” system, which is now into its fourteenth year. The “Through-Train” mode provides a holistic and continuous education from primary to secondary as well as a familiar learning environment. Our teachers can identify students’ interests and abilities right from the primary years, and design a tailor-made learning plan to realize their potential.

In accordance with the guideline of the Education Bureau, P6 students may also choose not to proceed to our secondary school but choose to obtain their S1 place through the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) instead; however, their decision is irrevocable. Given the limited number of places, the “Through-Train” S1 places at our school will not be retained for students who have already decided to give up their right of direct admission.   We now seek your decision regarding the two choices as follows:-


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