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19 October 2018

Dear Parents

Re: Parent-Child Science & Technology Exploration – InnoCarnival

The InnoCarnival 2018 organized by the Innovation and Technology Commission will be held from 3 November to 11 November at the Hong Kong Science Park. The main theme of the InnoCarnival 2018isInnovate for a Smart Future”.There will be exhibitions, workshops, seminars, science competitions and guided tours for the public. The Sik Sik Yuen Biotechnology Mobile Laboratory Program has been invited to conduct biotech workshops for the Carnival. There will be workshops on “DNA Science and the Microbial World” at various levels for teachers, students and the public. The MobileLab will be stationed at the Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3. Please visit http://mobilelab.hoyu.edu.hk for details.


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